April 12, 2014

Asher Cannon {5 Months}

I am a month behind in blogging but I did take these at his 5 month mark so I wanted to post them just so they would be on here! 

This was the month that Abel and I started seeing more of his fun personality.  I didn't capture any cute smiles but he certainly became quite the smiley guy this month.  I think this was the first month that we not only in our groove but were able to fully enjoy having two kiddos.  AND you started sleeping better! That makes anyone happier right?

6 Month Pics coming soon.... hopefully.

February 16, 2014

Asher Cannon {4 Months}

13lbs 8.5oz

Being the center of attention
Watching big brother
Sucking on his hands
Playing with his feet

Waking up around 1am & 6am

Being cold
Being laid down like a baby
Rocking to sleep

Mile Stones
Rolled over from back to front

Asher, you have become quite the happy little bundle of joy this month.  Your daddy and I were talking and we think 4 months is our favorite baby age.  You are smiling like crazy and your personality is coming out more and more.  We love you sweet boy! Happy 4 months old!

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Here are the rest of the pictures from Asher's 3 month session.  All (amazing) photo credit goes to Paige Meyer Photography.  She is the bomb.com

Photo Credit : Paige Meyer Photograpy

January 28, 2014

A Beautiful Mess


Last week I wrote on Facebook about how my day was pretty much going south, minute by minute.  My patience level was nil and I put my kids down for their naps 2 hours before their routined time because I.Was.DONE.  Several people commented about how it was refreshing to hear a mom being honest or that they were in the same boat.  I tend to only post about positive moments and memories that I want to remember about my kids or family - but I have realized that this might not always be a positive thing for everyone else looking in.  I may be unintentionally giving off the wrong impression.

I know with social media it is easy to come across as having the perfect life. I can tell you from experience that it can feel like everyone in the universe has their life together, except yourself.  Some days I scroll through instagram feeling like a failure because I didn't measure up to the wife who made her husbands favorite gourmet meal, taught her kids to count to 100 by two's, all awhile crafting the cutest DIY project for her perfectly tidy house while fitting in a cross fit workout and yoga class all in one afternoon.  I'm often looking at this on days where my child ate PB&J for lunch (for the millionth time in a row), my laundry is stacked as high as it possibly can, and my husband is begging for something other than eggs or leftovers.  

After looking through my own feeds, I realized that maybe I need to be a little bit more transparent.

Besides not having an immaculately clean house, failing to engage with my kids fully every day, and scarfing oreos instead of oranges (cause that would be the healthy thing to do when you have 15 pre pregnancy pounds to lose!)... I also have an ugly heart.

I am prideful, disrespectful to my husband, impatient with my kids, selfish, greedy, jealous, the list goes on and on.

So when you search my instagram know that while you see the image of my (super adorable) son, shaving his "beard" after going potty in the toilet for the first time- what you didn't see was me telling him that he couldn't paint that morning because I was too lazy deal with the mess or me being impatient with him because I didn't get enough sleep the night before because there were just a few more things I needed to pin on Pinterest.

You see a snapshot of the nightly walks I take with my husband - what you can hear is the 30 minutes of me ranting at my him for spilling salt on the floor after I had just mopped a few hours before.  I mean, can you believe he spilled the salt on my freshly cleaned floors?! That definitely deserves an hour reaming from his perfect wife, right? No one spills salt on the floor (that I JUST mopped) on accident.

You see me and my girlfriends hanging out crafting but what that one photo doesn't reveal was how I started gossiping about another friend or falling into the oh so easy sin of comparison and jealousy.

Y'all, my heart is ugly.  Very ugly.

The only good in me is Jesus.  And I don't say that to be churchy or say "the right thing", its the down right truth! He is being perfected in me daily.

On my own I fell flat on my face freshman year in college (that in and of itself is a testimony of the Lord that I would love to share with anyone in person), I love for my name to be made known, my heart without Jesus is self-seeking, self-glorifying, self-centered.

So while these images and snapshots may look pretty darn perfect let's just look at them with dare I say it, a grain of salt.

I'm just a wife and mom trying to capture sweet moments with her family.  Trying to soak up the good parts of the day - because one day I will want to look back and not remember the temper tantrums or the acts of pure defiance but the innocents of my little two year old and sweet snuggles with my baby.

My hope and prayer is that you look at a picture of me snuggling my 3 month old baby boy and see nothing of a "perfect life" but that of Jesus refining an ugly heart.  I hope that you see a woman who just wants Jesus to be glorified by all of the good in her life.  Because yes, my life is good - but it is far from perfect.

January 27, 2014

Asher Cannon 3 Month {Paige Meyer Photography}

I know I have mentioned how talented my best friend is before, but after these pictures she took of Asher for his 3 month session - I am whole heartily convinced she is a genius.  Thanks again Paige for these incredible pics of my boy.  And just a teaser, she also took some valentine pics too - but you will have to wait a few weeks to see those!

Photo Credit: Paige Meyer Photography