September 18, 2014

Intro to Essential Oils : Lavender and Thieves

I know, I know - essential oils are a "trendy" thing right now.  It seems like everyone is getting into them lately and if you are anything like me, you're wondering if they really work.  I was a huge skeptic in the beginning but after using the oils now for 9 months,  I have found that there are generally just two types of people - skeptics and skeptics turned essential oil lovers.  I am here to tell you that they really do work!  So many of my friends have used them as well with great success as well.  

I have been using Young Living essential oils since January and I can honestly say that my husband and I are obsessed with them.  You read that right, Abel loves them too.  The same Abel who told me we were wasting our money when I ordered my kit, just asked me if I could start ordering him his own oils.  If that isn't proof enough I am going to do a small series on some of the oils that are in the everyday oils collection and come in the starter kit.  I am going to share how they have greatly helped improve our families health.  

I want to start off saying that I only recommend using Young Living essential oils because they are the only company that is in control of their product from seed to seal.  This is one of the main reasons I chose to use Young Living and have been super pleased with all I have read about their farming practices which yields a chemical free product.  

Alright, let's get started!

The first two oils I am going to talk about are two of my very  favorite and most used oils - Thieves and Lavender.  

Thieves oil is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils.

Thieves is an immune boosting oil that keeps viruses, parasites, bacteria, infections, and fungi at bay.  Since we started using oils, the only time our family has been sick was the one month we ran out of thieves. Abel was has told me to never run out again.   I have stocked up my supply of thieves oil with cold and flu season right around the corner.  I seriously have this (as well as the thieves hand purifier) in my purse at all times.  If you are thinking about getting just one oil - this would be the one I recommend. 

Here are a few ways we use THIEVES oil:
-Diffused when we have been around illness or when people come over to our home.  We host childcare for our community group every week and I diffuse in our main living area and playroom to keep from spreading germs.

-You can diffuse to help kill mold.  When Abel and I were at our condo this past weekend at the beach, the first thing we did was start our diffuser with thieves and purification to help kill any bacteria that was left in our room from the previous people.  We were also told while we were there that the walls had just been redone for mold (gross!) and we both felt better knowing that thieves was running constantly, especially with our little kiddos around.

-A drop in a capsule, rubbed on feet (I dilute for my kids), or under the tongue to boost immunity.

-When we have a baby teething - we dilute thieves with coconut oil and rub on his gums. Thieves is a hot oil and has a numbing sensation and helps lessen the inflammation on his gums.

-There is a whole line of Thieves cleaning products, hand purifier, and dental products that work amazing.  You will never find me without Thieves hand purifier again.

As I stated above thieves is a hot oil so use with caution and I always recommend diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil.

These are just a few ways we use Thieves oil around our home!

Lavender oil is next.  This is another oil that we use daily.  If I am ever in doubt of which oil to use, I generally try lavender first.   It is a very gentle oil and I use it on both of my kiddos.  It is also Simeon's favorite smell - He is constantly asking to smell the lid of the lavender oil, which is awesome once you see why below!

Here are a few ways we use LAVENDER oil: 

-A better nights sleep.  I have a spray bottle filled with water and lavender and spray our pillows before bed to help calm us down as we drift to sleep. 

- We use this on minor scrapes, bumps, bruises - with rowdy boys in the house, it is used often.  

- This oil calms Simeon down the best, especially before bed time. Most nights Simeon will get super hyper before bed time.  As I put his jp's on I rub lavender on his feet and let him smell the lid of the lavender bottle.  It calms him down in no time.  

-Diffused.  I diffuse lavender to help calm kiddos down, for allergies, and also just cause it smells so amazing.  

-Allergies.  At the beginning of spring I suffered from horrible allergies.  I would rub lavender on my sinuses as well as a combination of  lemon, lavender, and peppermint behind my ears.   Within seconds my eyes would quit watering and my sneezing would immediately stop.  I also diffuse LLP during high allergy season.  

-Teething. Along with Thieves, I use lavender diluted with coconut oil on the jaw line of a teething baby.  

These are just a few ways we use lavender essential oil in our home, there are so many more ways to use this great oil!  

I hope you have enjoyed learning some basics on essential oils and how they have boost our families health naturally. If you have any questions about thieves,  lavender, or essential oils in general, please don't hesitate to email me at sarahkcrosby (at) gmail (dot) com  I would be happy to answer any questions you have or even order you a bottle of thieves or lavender to try at my wholesale membership price.  

I am not a doctor and these are just a few tips that have worked for our family, they are not meant to cure or diagnose anything.  I am just a mom sharing what works for my family in hopes that it will help yours too.  I only recommend using Young Living's essential oils, as they are the only essential oils company that is in control of their product from seed to seal.  

September 17, 2014

Galveston Vacation 2014

This past Friday we packed our little family up and headed on a spur of the moment weekend trip to Galveston.  The four of us really needed time away to refresh and have fun together without any distractions. Time with my boys is always great and this weekend was no exception. We didn't do anything spectacular or fancy but the simplicity of our vacation led to a lifetime full of memories,  really great memories.
After checking into our condo on Friday,  we headed out and took the ferry to Bolivar Island and saw at least 50 dolphins in the bay.  I squealed almost every time I saw the slightest bit of a fin - let's not even talk about when they would jump out of the water.  I am giddy just thinking about it.  After that, we went out to eat to the Rainforest Cafe, thinking the boys would love it.  After a day full of driving, dolphins, and no naps, the boys were not feeling the animals making a ruckus all around us.  They did enjoy the fish in the aquarium, so at least that was a win.  I don't think having the monkeys sit behind us was a very good idea, Simeon watched his back the entire time we were there.  Thankfully, neither of them melted down but it was a little bit overstimulating for an already busy day.

Saturday we spent all day fishing and playing at the beach.  My parents came and visited us while we were there and the boys ate up all their attention... as well as a bit of sand.   Even though it was cloudy and a "cold front" blew in, it didn't stop us from splashing in the ocean all afternoon.  After dinner, we walked down to Rita's for a gelati to end what could easily be called a perfect day.  

We woke up Sunday and it really was too cold to go swimming again, so we headed out on a long walk along the sea wall.  We stopped off at a pier and watched a few fisherman cast their nets, pulling in tons of mullet.  We sat there on the rocks near the pier for a good hour watching them fish, while we chatted about life and gazed the waves roll in.  The four of us just being together was exactly what our souls needed. After lunch and packing up, we headed home with a car full of sand and our love tanks on full.  So thankful for spontaneous trips that lead to memories we will cherish forever.

Before this weekend my heart was seriously aching about summer ending.  Don't get me wrong, I am just as obsessed, if not more, with fall (ok, pumpkin) as the next guy - but something about summer ending left me feeling very empty and incomplete. This summer was a whirlwind of emotions and I just didn't feel like transitioning into a new season in such a slump. But after our rejuvenating trip, I can finally say I am finally getting a little bit excited for fall.  His mercies are new every morning - I am ready for you fall.  Ready to embrace His new mercies and whatever this season brings. 


September 15, 2014

{A Grateful Heart}

Lately I am thankful for rainbows that literally take your breath away and the meaning of their promises.

For snuggles with this pound of sugar.  New nephews are pretty rad.

For tires as big as toddlers.

For weekends in the country that lessen the ache to sell everything and move out of the city. Also, for tractor rides that your child is still talking about two weeks later.

For a summer filled with memories on the lake. Gosh, they are some great memories.


For 5th grade football practice that feels like the Super Bowl to a two year old.  And smiles as big as Texas to remind you that city living does have it's advantages after all.  

For the realization that picking up a few diapers off the floor is worth seeing your little one giggle and have fun.  Here is to letting go and saying "yes" a little more. 

A grateful heart for all of the small moments in life that make it grand.
Hope your Monday is great! 

September 4, 2014

A Grateful Heart

Lately, I am grateful for small hills to roll down that feel like a mountain to a two year old.  May we always view life through the eyes of a toddler.

For the first of many rides on his dad's shoulders.

For brothers that are learning that playing together is more fun than playing alone.

For the celebration of new life and a reason to walk into the little girls section of Target.

For perfect summer evenings and learning how to skip rocks.

For friends who train their children in the way they should go.

For the little fingers that are always around - even when I'm doing my business.

A grateful heart for all of the small moments in life that make it grand.

August 13, 2014

Potty Training